Tuesday, August 28, 2012

AC/DC - Powerage

Powerage is actually my buddy Nathan's favorite AC/DC album. I love a lot of things about this album (especially the cover. I kinda wish AC/DC had never run out of album titles that reference electricity. Oh, and how could people possibly think AC/DC stood for Anti-Christ Devil Children or After Christ Devil Comes when they make clear references to electricity? I don't know how they could have made it more clear without actually naming an album Alternating Current/Direct Current) but I can't say that it particularly blows me away. It's solid, but not great. "Kicked in the Teeth" is the only song on the album that feels truly great to me, and at least half the reason I feel that way is due to the way Bon Scott shrieks "Two-faced woman with your two-faced lies." Anyway, Powerage is good enough to own, but not good enough to be on the Mount Rushmore of great AC/DC albums.

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