Tuesday, August 28, 2012

AC/DC - If You Want Blood, You've Got It

If You Want Blood, You've Got It is a pretty straightforward album. It's a document of the way AC/DC rocked in the 70's back when Bon Scott was still alive. There isn't anything mind-blowing on this live set, and none of the songs are in any way better live than they were on the studio recordings. 90% of the reason for seeing AC/DC live is the part where you actually see the band. You want to see Angus do the duck walk in his schoolboy uniform. You want to see Malcolm knocking out super solid rhythm guitar while hardly moving or drawing attention to himself. You want to see the crazy props and stage elements. Sure, AC/DC can pull of their music live just as easily as they can in the studio, but that doesn't mean I want to own the music divorced from the spectacle. For the entirety of this album I kept thinking "I wish I was seeing this." It made me want to put on my Live at Donnington DVD. So yeah, as far as AC/DC is concerned, the live albums are strictly for completists and hardcore fans.

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