Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wolf - Evil Star

Wolf is a band comprised of eager young Scandinavians who grew up listening to Maiden and Priest. They're making classic sounding 80's-style heavy metal in the here and now. I just had to buy this album as soon as I heard it (one of the guys at Hoodlum's was playing it in the store when I walked in one day. It was a quick and easy sale).

As exciting as Wolf seems, they wear a little thin on this album. They absolutely nail the sound of classic British metal, but they aren't as good in the songwriting department as Maiden or Priest. The songs are ok, but don't expect "The Trooper" or "Breakin' the Law." I hear they get better in the songwriting department with their later albums, so I will make sure to give them a spin when I find them. Unfortunately this band is a little hard to track down even though they're awesome. Anyway, I highly recommend "Evil Star" and "Black Wing Rider" to all you old school metalheads.

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