Monday, August 13, 2012

Weezer - The Lion and the Witch

This is a supposedly limited edition live EP that Weezer put out in the post-Maladroit era. It compiles some live footage of the band from the Japanese leg of their world tour.

The funny thing is that while I was very impressed with this EP when it first came out, hindsight has shown me that it's not the best live EP ever made. Not remotely. This was during the era where Rivers got brave all of a sudden. Instead of playing through the entire setlist without looking up from his intent gaze at the floor, he started riffing and pontificating between songs. His little jags were usually funny yet ultimately odd. This is also the period where the band started noodling and jamming between songs. I thought it was awesome when they first started doing it, but it seems less so now. I've seen Weezer live no less than 7 times, and half of the thrill is actually seeing the band perform live. I'm not saying they can't pull their material off live, I'm just saying that this live EP doesn't provide the experience that I want it to. I haven't been to a Weezer concert since 2008 (the year I got married. We got poor somehow) and I want to see them again before too long. Anyway, I'm rambling. Let's just say that this EP, while a fun thing for hardcore Weezer fans, is nonessential listening for the unWeezered masses.

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