Monday, August 13, 2012

Weezer - Keep Fishin'

And this is where Weezer singles done fell off. Although this is a great album cover that celebrates Weezer's collaboration with The Muppets in the video for "Keep Fishin'," it provides almost nothing in the way of b-sides.

Oh, there are b-sides on this album, but they provide nothing for the casual or devoted fan. They're just two live tracks, one from The Green Album and one from Maladroit. The live version of "Death and Destruction" on this album is the exact same one featured on The Lion and the Witch, so that feels a little cheap. Because there were literally at least a dozen demos from Maladroit that could have easily worked as b-sides, I find it baffling that they didn't use any of them. They could have done better, but didn't. Two of the following stars are for "Keep Fishin'" itself, the other is for the album cover.

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