Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wondermints - s/t

Wondermints have an enviable status in the power pop community. First of all, every album they have ever released is regarded as a power pop classic (even their demos are great). Secondly, they're such great musicians, Brian Wilson called them in to help record Smile. I don't know that there's a higher honor than can be placed on a power pop band aside from being The Beatles (and I'm pretty sure applications for being The Beatles are closed now).

Anyway, if you're ever wondering what this power pop nonsense is that I keep droning on about, listen to "Tracy Hide" and you'll know what I'm talking about. Wondermints bring complex arrangements and harmonies to everything on this album. It's something akin to The Left Bake's finely-crafted 60's chamber pop in terms of the intricate layering of vocals and instruments. This album sounds like it was made under a magnifying glass with tweezers for how intricate and delicate it is. This is exactly the kind of music I spent a decade of my life trying to find.

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