Tuesday, August 28, 2012

AC/DC - The Razor's Edge

As AC/DC transitioned from the 80's to the 90's, they made one significant change that allowed them to survive: they went back to their roots. They got a little lost in the shuffle in the 80's when they were no longer the most dangerous or hardest-rocking band in the land. They righted the ship when they decided to do what they do regardless of what else is happening in music at the time. It's this simple change in perspective that has allowed them to put out quality rock and roll a full four decades after the group formed. As they now stand, they should be able to keep going for as long as Angus is able to duck walk.

Anyway, Razor's Edge is the much-needed long-sought-after return to form that longtime AC/DC fans were looking for. It has the first truly spectacular AC/DC tune in a nearly a decade in "Thunderstruck." Songs like "Moneytalks," "Are You Ready" and the title track are great - if not all-time-great - rockers as well. The only song on the album I didn't really care for was "Mistress for Christmas," but that's only because I don't like Christmas songs on non-Christmas albums. This is a solid album by AC/DC and it marked a big step back toward greatness.

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