Monday, August 20, 2012

Vivaldi for Valentines

Somewhere in the 90's, Philips started releasing classical recordings which were aimed at people who don't traditionally listen to or enjoy classical music. They had titles like Chopin and Champagne, Liszt for Lovers, and Bach for Bedtime. Although the titles of these albums and their respective cover art are all quite cheesy (note the guy saying, "Baby baby baby" on the cover) the music itself is actually very high quality.

While the music on this disc may not put your lover in the mood quite as well as Barry White or Marvin Gaye, many of the tunes are moving in their own way, if not romantically. I would refer any and all to Vivaldi's excellent Guitar Concerto in D. It's honestly the best piece of classical guitar work I have ever heard or ever expect to hear. Anyway, this disc is filled with great performances of some of Vivaldi's slowest (and therefore most romantic) music.

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