Tuesday, August 28, 2012

AC/DC - Back in Black

Back in Black is simply one of the greatest rock albums ever made. Not only does it distill the AC/DC formula down to its purest form, it proved that AC/DC could keep going for decades even though they lost Bon Scott. Now here's the thing: I know people like to say that Bon Scott is better than Brian Johnson because he was there first and he wasn't part of any of AC/DC's less great albums in the 80's. When people get into it with the Bon vs. Brian talk, I feel like Will Farrell's character in Zoolander. The two singers sound almost identical. Sure, Bon was a little throatier and Brian has a little more growl, but Bon Scott and Brian Johnson are closer to identical than that Filipino kid and Steve Perry are. It's not even a debate to me. Sure, I would have liked Bon Scott to keep on living, but you literally could not go into a lab and create a better replacement than Brian Johnson. He wrote the lyrics for this album and they are absolutely worthy of Bon Scott's legacy. So yeah, Back in Black is a great album and a crucial transition in AC/DC's career, but more than anything it's basically exactly the same as everything AC/DC had done before...perhaps even more so.

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