Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baseketball-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

When a couple of wiseacres like the creators of South Park make a wiseacre movie, you can probably expect a wiseacre soundtrack. You probably didn't expect to read that word so many times today, did you? Anyway, the soundtrack features bands like Reel Big Fish, Nerf Herder, Supersuckers, and Goldfinger, all of whom are wiseacres (there it is again!) in their respective ways. This is a really good ska/punk soundtrack and I cannot recommend, "Don't Hate Me (Because I'm Beautiful)" by Nerf Herder enough.

There you have it. Way too many words and way too much punchiness toward the end. And now my wife is literally grabbing my arm to drag me off to bed. I'll try to scale it back for next time, but who knows. I still have a lot of albums I have to hit.

These are words.

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