Saturday, May 28, 2011

AZ Punk Comp Vol. 2

Here's a cheap local punk compilation that I'm going to dump on for no good reason. I found it next to the register at Zia's, which is the record store I had to start going to when Hoodlum's met an early and tragic demise. This compilation holds the distinction of being one of the very few CD's I own that has not been ripped into my itunes library. The audio quality on this album ranges from dicey to pure crap. None of the songs are any good. I had to listen to three solid minutes of some whiney guy in a wifebeater scream about how bad his car sucks because it got towed, which says less about the car than it does about his ability to not park on a red curb. And I know you're saying, "Yeah right. You had to listen to it. Like somebody was holding a cliche to your head making you listen to it." And to you friend I say that I do indeed have to listen to it. I made myself a promise that I would listen to my entire CD collection in alphabetical order and I'll be a monkey's cliche if I'll let a made up person like you have an imaginary conversation with me and dissuade me from my glorious task! I'm really losing it.

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