Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ash-Intergalactic Sonic 7's/Cosmic Debris

 Confession time: I didn't listen to the first disc of this two disc set this time around. Intergalactic Sonic 7's is a collection of Ash singles from Trailer to Free All Angels. Since I listened to all those albums, I have heard all those singles very recently. So I took a dive right into the second disc called Cosmic Debris which is a collection of b-sides and rare tracks spanning the same time period as the first disc. Whereas some b-side collections are weak and leave you thinking, "No wonder this didn't make the album," Cosmic Debris is surprisingly even and could stand alone as a studio release. The fact that the cuts that didn't make the album are this good is a clear sign of the rock prowess Ash possesses. This being the last Ash album I'll be reviewing at the moment, let me conclude by saying: Ashy Ash Ash. Ash is so great. I love Ash and want to marry them. Ash rocks so hard. I have seen them live 7 times and hung out with them 6 of those 7 times. Ash is the best. La la la. Ash is great. But seriously, they're great.

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